A multi-breed citizen of nowhere, Jetta Dog finds a home in our hearts as she searches for a loving family. She's scrappy, enthusiastic, and friendly, though she's slightly nervous and shy about new surroundings


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While this children's book is targeted for readers aged 3-8, its subtle messages about volunteering, the goodness of animal shelters, the importance of loving homes, family, and relationships are relevant for readers of all ages. This book also broaches the subjects of adaptability and appreciating the goodness of others, especially those who are different from you.


Each character in the book is based on a "real life" rescue animal. The pictures are mesmerizing: they capture the characters' personalities, making audiences laugh while pulling at their heartstrings.

Jetta Dog Finds a Home for Christmas is just the beginning of a wonderful children's book series. I recently completed Jetta's second adventure: Jetta Dog Goes to the Beach. At the close of her first adventure, I plant the idea of a reunion for Jetta and her friends. In the second book, they meet up at the beach and continue to learn and grow together. Important lessons of love, friendship and character will be infused in each Jetta Dog book, capturing and entertaining its readers.

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